I see the same challenge in photography frequently. As soon as a photographer becomes commercially successful you often see their artistic development freeze. With commercial bookings, clients usually expect a certain style, a signature look. That’s nothing bad and, it’s often the main reason why someone gets to work for a client in the first place. But being complacent with a signature look reduces the desire for artistic development.

I’m very curious to find out where my own development will lead me. I’m planning to challenge myself more this year. My brain gets too comfortable in my everyday surroundings. Time to make it uncomfortable. Spending time in another land, among people who do things differently has the biggest impact on my creativity.

I mainly shoot weddings but I like to mess about. I explore new ideas/concepts, lose myself and let my mind wander. Afterall, you never know where it’s going to lead you.

Here a couple of shoots from a recent workshop with Joanna Kustra in Poland. Such a great experience!! Sometimes curiosity leads to magic…