What to wear for family pictures can be the hardest part of family pictures for a mom. Planning everyone’s outfits and coordinating colours and tones can be overwhelming. Here are my best tips for deciding what to wear for family pictures in the summer.

  1. Plan to wear neutral tones – colours like white, cream, light blue, tan, olive, grey, and other neutral tones look best on camera and edit well.
  2. Avoid reds, pinks, or purples – these tones bring out the pink and red tones in your skin which can be unflattering.
  3. Rather than match, coordinate colours – instead of dressing your family in the same exact colours, find colours that coordinate or seem to go together. This means everyone might be in their own colours, which is totally fine!
  4. Dressier is better – Family pictures are a special occasion. Rather than wearing your normal clothes, dress up a bit. For women, I typically recommend dresses or jumpers. For men, I typically recommend slacks and a button up shirt (with no logos or details). This outfits are more flattering and look “special” for family pictures.
  5. Find an outfit you LOVE and are comfortable in – When looking for your dress or jumper you need to find an outfit that you 100% love. If you feel even a little uncomfortable in your outfit you’ll look awkward and uncomfortable on camera.